Thank you Hachi

By Ganteng Boy

Dear Hachi,

I remember the day that I came into your life

it was a cold, dark and lonely night

I found you when you were just a pup

as the name suggested, I knew that you would bring me luck.

You we’re scared, and so I made the exception for you to sleep on my bed

big mistake, you peed all over my bed.


You caused mischief from the very start

chewing everything in sight, from iPhone cables to shoes.

I still remember your favorite toy,

it was a ball, stuffed inside my right sock,

and how your little head rested on my arm

everyone wanted to be around you.


With my job demanding every ounce of my energy

I entrusted my ex-girlfriend to watch after you.

She loved you, cared for you, and watched after you

You brought joy and happiness into her life.

But regardless of all that took place,

you loved me all the same.


As days went by, you grew wiser and obedient

I was surprised that we could even walk side by side

without a leash!

A year ago, I was in a rough spot in my life

and something about your eyes inspired me to write

And so I wrote

anything from the mundane to the most fascinating topic

You are my compass of curiosity

and a fountain to rejuvenate my creativity.

Even though are no longer a puppy,

you are still my little Hachi.


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