Thoughtful Thursday: Three Dumplings Traveling in the City of Triads

By Ganteng Boy

I remember it like it was yesterday,”I would say, and then start pondering on more lighthearted moments of days past.

~ Sometime in March of 2016 ~

It was exactly one week after the day that I got laid off, that I began to gain consciousness of what had just happened.

I was laid off.

My heart sank.

I didn’t understand how to cope with sheer embarrassment, confusion and betrayal all at the same time.

And so I decided to run from it all.

“Mom, Dad, I have to go to my high school best friend’s wedding in Thailand,” I would say.

From a male reader’s point of view, he’s excited that one of his bros is getting married. Ironically, my best friend in high school is a girl. It’s not the girl that got away, or anything remotely like the girl next door. She was someone who I can easily get along with, and not take each other too seriously.

You see that girl to the far right, yeah, that’s her – Onanong S, my high school best friend.


We were part of the same high school orchestra. We both taught at Kumon. And we both have the same group of friends.

This was her on the big day. I’m glad that I was there. That is the face of pure joy!


But the wedding was towards the end of my Asia trip. I’ll talk more about that some other time.

Let’s rewind back to when I just got laid off, and am about to board my first flight – Houston to Seoul, then to Hong Kong.

When I got on that plane, there were all sorts of emotions that flooded through my body. Here is a recap of what just happened:

  1. I am laid off
  2. My best friend is getting married
  3. I have a chance to hang out with two new friends on my next layover

And so, there I was, at my next layover – Hong Kong.

If you have never been, you ought to. She is fast-paced, outgoing and has a sense of style.


Here we are, out and about in the foggy city. It was a cool March day, and a blanket of fog has wrapped itself around the entire city (photo below).


Here we are on top of Victoria Peak. The view was breathtaking (photo below).


And though we spent 4 days together, it seemed too short (photo below).



Too short of a time for me to say that I thought you were cute (photo below).



Too short of a time to say that I really enjoyed your company (photo below).


Time was simply too short (photo below).


Till next time, HK.


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