My First Glimpse at Schutzhund

By Ganteng Boy

What is Schutzhund?

It is a German word for ‘protection dog’. The sport focuses on the development of specific traits in dogs that make them more useful companions for their owners. This rigourous training course, for both the human trainer and the dog, can span anywhere from a few months to a few years. Some would equate this level of dog sport training to marathon training.

Naturally, this captivated my attention for two things: I have a dog and I like to run, marathons.

Hachi is the name of my dog.


Mr. February in Doge Calendar for 2017

Yes, he was named after the famous Hachiko, the Akita who was remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, that continued after his owner’s death. And no, my Hachi is not yet as loyal as the famous Hachiko.

In a nutshell, Hachi is distracted by everything – a slight beep, sudden movement, new smells, etc. If I left Hachi leashless for a minute, he could easily get distracted and wander off. This was something that I wanted to address, immediately.

Enter Jordan Coulson. The myth, the man, the legend behind Define Canine (link here).

IMO, he could pass as Jason Statham’s stunt double.


This past weekend was Jordan and Viva’s first go around at Shutzhund IPO Titles. In the world of Shutzhund, there are three levels of IPO tests. But before you can even qualify for an IPO title, one must complete the BH, or companion dog title as a pre-requisite.

The photo below is Jordan standing proudly next to Viva. She’s 4 years old – one year older than Hachi, but ten times more obedient. Watching Viva in this past Shutzhund trial was a real treat. She brought a tremendous amount of energy to the field.

EmptyName 371.jpg

Congratulations Viva on acing the IPO 1 test! 

Here are a few photos from this past weekend’s event…

Retrieving a weighted dumbell over a hurdle and a scaling wall

Escape and Courage Test


Notice Jordan’s cool, calm and collected demenour in the face of adversity and high tension. Remarkable. I can’t say that I would have been able to do the same.



As for Hachi, well, he is still a long way from being as obedient as Viva. But with the help of Jordan and his dog training expertise, Hachi is one step closer to emulating the Hachiko of legendary folklore.

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