A Photo Journal of The 5 Phases of Running a Marathon


By Ganteng Boy

1. The ‘I can’t believe that I had to wake up at 5AM to finally run at 7AM, and why are there so many runners’ phase. You woke up, far earlier than you usually do. You got your breakfast in – most likely oatmeal. And now, you have to go run this marathon. It’s too early for smiles.



2. The ‘I got this, let’s see how many people I can pass up’ phase. This is somewhere around mile 3 to mile 8, where you are starting to hit your stride. Your favorite song comes on the playlist, and your legs are still fresh. Your getting a bit cocky, and pass up a few slower runners.


3. The ‘I’m going to find a nice girl or group of girls to run next to because I’m in need of some motivation’ phase. This is happens when you are about to hit your first wall. So, you seek that source of motivation (friends and family in the crowd, someone that you find attractive in the race, etc).


4. The ‘oh gawd, lordy lawd, what have I done.. why did I ever sign up for this thing.. I haven’t learned my lesson in the last 5 marathons??’ phase. This is clearly past your first wall, and now you crave that source of motivation. You notice that people do crazy things to get through the race – sing out loud, make funny facial expressions, cry a little at the agonizing pang that is shooting through your legs, maybe all three and then some?


5. The ‘G-O-A-T (aka: greatest of all time).. I am the greyhound.. crushing miles all day, everday’ phase. This is at the last mile or 1.2 miles of the marathon. You are giving it your all and dashing to that finish line. This moment is most definitely captured in all of those darn marathon photos, and so you think to yourself: pain is temporary, pride is forever!


Whenever you feel like giving up, no matter the distance, 5 hour energy is there to get you there.


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