My 6th Marathon

By Ganteng Boy

Dear Future Tommy,

You never thought that you could have beaten your fastest marathon time – 4 hours and 30 minutes, but you did. You just set a new PR. 

Your Snapchat story made it to the Houston Marathon snap story – 12,000 views and counting..

You never thought that you were a big deal, but other people did. It could have been because you had that red backpack the whole time (I mean, who carries a backpack to a marathon?), or it could have been your guns (you were a bit jacked for a marathon runner)… maybe both?

You really gave it a good effort, and for that, I’m proud of ya dude. 

Most people gave up past mile 24. They decided that it’s a good time to walk and get some more Gatorade. You were different. You gave it a 110%. Yes, you passed up a lot of people. And for every person that walked ahead of you, you didn’t hesitate to encourage them to go on – to keep running. 

This wasn’t the hilliest marathon you’ve ever ran. It was quiet the opposite. And though the course was littered with tiny hills, your attitude never changed. Those hills were a test of your indomitable spirit. You owned those hills.

4:19 is a new PR for you. Here’s to finishing your 6th marathon! 

You couldn’t have gotten there on your own. And here are a few folks to thank:

Dad, Mom, Greg & Agnes – words of encouragement

Kevin I. – for showing you the hill training spots in Austin and words of encouragement

Nick W. – words of encouragement 

Justin J. – words of encouragement

Beth C. – Bath salts that saved your legs and words of encouragement

Kevin M. – words of encouragement

Florida D. – words of encouragement

Jose U. – words of encouragement

Christian C. – drive back home after the marathon and pizza lunch

Tim S. – words of encouragement

Cindy K. – words of encouragement

Buntara L. – words of encouragement 

Dahn T. – words of encouragement and post run phone call 

Vu L. – words of encouragement

Jeff P. – words of encouragement

Adriana H. – words of encouragement

Deborah H. – words of encouragement

Kevin H. – words of encouragement

Vicky D. – words of encouragement

Alessandra M. – words of encouragement

Lauren R. – words of encouragement

Megan L. – words of encouragement

Johnny L. – words of encouragement

Mae S. – words of encouragement

Vincent N., RK R., Kevin T., Michael D., Tim T., Richard D., Sagan R., Gabriel G., Vicky Y., Daniel M., Paul N., Phu., Tommy N., Jeff T., John S., Christine L., Amanda L., Diane C., Nicole T., Garrett T., Jesse I., Phi D., Terry H., Eddie Y., Tony L., Jackline J., Jonathan N., Jessica M., Jerry L., Daniel C., Immalynn C., Aurash I., Emily L., Quysi H., Michael T., Bandrijo H., Kathi S., Tommy S., Hieu N., Faisal AK., Jessie J., Eugenia N., Christine S., Zach F., Bonaventura N., Jeffrey B., Aron E., Vu L., Toni C., JEssica L., Patrick H., Michelle B., Keri B., Anthony V., Andy L., Jonathan V., Nathan S., Connie W., Jamie N., Ai T., Beth C., Megan L., Mae S., Cindy K., Alessandra M., Tim S., Vicky D., Adriana H., Jeff P., – support through Facebook likes

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