Thoughts on My First Music Video Collab

By Ganteng Boy

7,800 views on Vimeo

2,000 views on Facebook

12,000 views on YouTube

First music video stats over a 3-day timeframe.

The total timeframe was 6 days – from idea to publication.

Dec 18th: my super talented friend Su shared a video of her acoustic remix of Charlie Brown Christmas. 10 seconds into the song and I had this idea…

Dec 19th: What if we made a music video for Su? And then, have it ready just in time for Christmas? I couldn’t have asked for better timing. Since almost everyone is going to be back home with their family or stuck at an airport, there will be more people glued to their phones.

Dec 20th: Day 1 filming. I was late, Su was early, and we were both surprised that the Trail of Lights charged an entrance fee. When I went to the Trail of Lights years ago, I remembered that there were no entrance fees. The park seemed more crowded today than it did in the past. Everything that could go wrong, happened.

Dec 21st: Day 2 filming. Disappointed but not defeated, Su wanted to give it another shot. We met up in downtown Austin and started filming – 20 minutes to each set. There was a big time crunch, and it felt exhilarating to literally run from one set to another. We filmed in record time – under 5 hours. I uploaded the footage to Dropbox, and the race was on.

Mission Impossible: have the video go-live by Friday, December 23rd – just in time for Christmas.

Dec 22nd: Thankfully, I have a ninja of a creative director. He is no stranger to pressure. Montgomery rolled up his sleeves and immediately started reviewing the footage.

Dec 23rd: Published the Vimeo video, but there was a part at the end that Su didn’t feel comfortable with. A few quick edits and the rest was history.

Vimeo – 7,000 views

Youtube – 12,000 views

We didn’t get a perfect product, and everything was put together with little time. This was definitely a learning lesson for the books.

  1. Communication: the biggest takeaway is for everyone to communicate and get on the same page by using the same channel (text, facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). I know how Montgomery works and Montgomery knows how I work. We have a common respect for each other’s craft. It’s when we collaborate with someone new and now throw in a time component into the mix – that’s when things can get out of hand really quickly. Which brings me to my second point.
  2. Transparency: No matter how big of a time crunch or how difficult it may be to get a hold of someone from the team, withholding information is a theft to creativity. Everyone’s input is valuable, and this was something that we could have done better. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would get the team to agree on the same goal.

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