The Art of E-Mail in 9 Simple Points

by Ganteng Boy

I’m fed up with reading about the entitlement dilemma that my generation (Millennials) is often associated with.

Long story short: we are over prepared for the wrong thing.

Let’s start with the fact that there are more millennials than other generations who graduated from college. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a class in college for life skills, financial planning or corporate etiquette. I get it dude.

Starting with the last topic, specifically how to crush email communication…

My thoughts:

  1. Write the whole email then go back and edit it three times
  2. Remove words that don’t mean anything – I call ’em fillers. Words like “really”, “actually” and “very”
  3. Less is more. The majority of your audience, especially if you are trying to reach out to C-suite and mid-level managers, are reading their emails on their phones. Aim for 4 sentences, but no more than 7.
  4. Bullet point stuff. Reiterating point 3.
  5. Think 3rd grade level vocabulary. These are fast times and “ain’t nobody got time” to read an essay. Reiterating point 3.
  6. Write like you speak, and then repeat point 1.
  7. Have a call to action statement (e.g. follow the link to RSVP; or can you confirm that Tuesday 10/18 at 2PM is open on your calendar?)
  8. Cut out fake empathy (e.g. I hope you are doing well). If you feel inclined, keep it at a minimum to: I trust that you are doing well.
  9. Place your call to action statement early in the email, like second sentence early:

e.g. 1


I trust that you are doing well. Can you let me know which would be best – Wednesday AM or Thursday PM of next week? I wanted to revisit our last talk about Social Cloud.

My contact info can be found below. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind Regards,


e.g. 2


I am aligned on the <company’s name> account team at <your company> for customer experience and service automation solutions. I am looking to connect with <company’s name> professionals in the same space.

– <your name>



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