When is Meditation Most Effective for Me?

By Ganteng Boy

You are only able to see the bottom of the lake when the water is least purturbed, that is when there are no boats zipping back and forth on the lake, no fishes are leaping out of the waters to catch their next meal, and there are no kids jumping into the waters. So when might this time of day be? 

My best guess is late at night and sometime early in the morning. 

This is, by the way, the best time of day for me to meditate. If this is something that might be helpful in your daily life, feel free to incorporate it and make it your own. 

I meditate right before I sleep.

Midnight Traffic in Houston

Night time is a moment to reflect and close out the day. I take a minute to sit up, close my eyes, and reflect on the following: 

First and foremost, I focus on a specific object. For me, it is a bright orange ball. I allow my mind to wander throughout my meditation, and then gently guide my mind to this bright orange ball. 

I recap all the activities that I have done throughout the day: What did I learn today? What was a positive experience that I can learn from? What was a negative experience that I can learn from? How did my actions impact other people? How might they feel about my actions? 

Don’t forget about that specific object – the bright orange ball, in my case. 

Next, I focus on what I aspire to become. This is the fun part. I imagine about who I will become in the future. I get really specific. If it’s imaging the vacation that I dream of going to, I emphasize every detail of that vacation – what objects are around me? Who is there? What do I smell? How do I feel that day? What foods are available for me to eat, and what would they taste like? Etc. 

Again, I allow my mind to wander and gently bring it back to the orange ball.

At last, I pray to God. I pray to thank God for what he has given me today and the days in the past, leading up to today. I spend time to teleport my mind to those specific instances, connect myself emotionally to that specific experience that I am thankful for, and re-live how it made me feel. 

I meditate right when I wake up

Sunrise in Phuket

This excercise is similar to my evening excercise, with a few nuances. 

Unlike night time, the early morning hours allows me to set the tone for the rest of the day. And so, I reflect on the following:

I focus on my breath. I watch and listen to each breath, as it enters and leaves my body. I follow my breath throughout the corners of my body: from my nostrils, through my lungs, and out into the endings of my veins. What I am doing here is to be conscious of my body. 

I then notice the sounds of the early morning. Whether you live in a busy part of downtown Big City XYZ, a peaceful beach front property, or a quiet suburban household, allow this time to soak in the ambiance and to listen to your surroundings. As a sales person, listening is an important skill set. This excercise forces me to listen to slightest sound decibel. 

And last but not least, I take a minute to reflect about how I have overcome the most challenging thing in my life, and yet, it seems so distant to me. Can you guess what it is?

Meditating in Thailand

I am talking about walking. Everyone has gone through this challenge as a youngster. Imagine for a minute, and reflect back to your earliest memory. Imagine how it might have felt to overcome the struggle, and to finally be rewarded for finally accomplishing a simple task that we take for granted – walking. I know it seems simple. You are probably laughing at me right now. Focus on this moment. Focus on the joy that your parents must have for finally seeing you walk for the first time. Imagine how that joy must have felt. You are such a bold human being for being able to do so. 

Now take that confidence that you now feel, open your eyes, and make the most out of your day! 


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