4 Reasons Why I Bike to Work and Workout on My Lunch Break

By Ganteng Boy
Why are you doing this?

1. Reduce my carbon footprint

2. Control my energy levels during the day 

3. Maximize my physical and cardiovascular strength 

4. I never regret eating ice cream/dessert/beer/etc for dinner

How are you doing this?

It takes 2 weeks of conscious effort to make something into a habit.
With the move to Austin, I decided to reduce my carbon footprint and ride my bike to work everyday – with the exception of Friday. I like to wear my boots to work on casual Friday; boots are tough to fit in my backpack.

I ride my bike with two backpacks. The red backpack has: bike lock, dress shoes, running shoes. The brown backpack has: work laptop, dress pants, button up shirt, under shirt, belt, boxers and running shorts. 

What’s with the excessive clothing? 

When I arrive at the office, I go through my morning routine: shower, do my hair, say a few positive affirmations (can’t compliment enough of how good looking you are, ya know?). When it gets closer to 11:30PM, I work out at the gym with my coworker. I typically go through a set of different high intensity, light to medium weight routine. No cross-fit here. 

When do you ever eat? 

I space out my meals to several small snacks. Most of my meals are veggies, fruits, and a very small protein meal (chicken or beef) after my noon time workout. The best part is dinner time. I eat whatever I want. Caution: this exact routine may not work for everyone. 

What’s next? 

When work is done, and it is time to go home, I hop back on my bike and ride back home. So that is a total of 3 miles every day biking, or 18 miles biking a week. I have been biking to work and working out during lunch for the past 2 weeks. I plan to do this routine for another year, and track my progress. It’s possible that my six packs turn into eight packs – now that’s capitalism!

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