8 Interesting Facts About Chocolate

By Ganteng Boy

I have always had an affinity for dark chocolate. I was surprised by how little I knew about chocolate. Below, is a quick video of our visit to Houston’s finest chocolatier – Cacao & Cardamom:

Fun Facts:

1. The Spaniards were the first Western civilization to discover chocolate in the 16th century

2. More than 80% of today’s chocolate production come from the Ivory Coast

3. Chocolate comes from cacao seeds, that are roasted, grounded and often times flavored with foodstuffs such as vanilla, sugar, etc.

4. Chocolate has alkaloids such as theobromine and phenethylamine, which may have physiological effects in humans

5. Dark chocolate is specified as 35%+ cocoa solids

6. There are three main varities of cacao beans used in chocolate: criollo, forastero, and trinitario

7. Just like wine, the terroir of the chocoalte effects the taste of the chocolate

8. Similar to coffee, cocoa is grown along a narrow belt 10+/- degrees from either side of the equator

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