Axlerad Beer Garden Review

By Ganteng Boy

To help put this review in context, I am the type of person that is more inclined to go to bars that remind me of the good old days in Austin – the open patio feel, a wide selection of beers to choose from, and great company to be around.

Axlerad is the closest thing in Houston that evoked feelings of nostalgia for the college days in Austin.

The inside bar is decent; but the outside patio is glorious: wide open spaces, hamocks, art speckled here and there, and rows upon rows of picnic tables. Think German Beer Garden with a flavor of Austin.


Pros: For starters, Axlerad is dog friendly. This is a huge plus to all dog lovers in Houston. They do have a few water bowls available. But please, pick up after your dogs. I have read a few yelp reviews bemoaning about the amount of dog feces – not true.

Any beer lovers? Great, they have a wide selection from local favorites such as 8th Wonder, 512, and No Label; to equally rad not so local options such as Firestone, Lagunitas, and Ballast Point.

Say you decide to get a few rounds for you and your friends. By round 5, everyone is having a good time. What can make the experience more entertaining? Cards Against Humanity – yaas! If Cards Against Humanity is too violent/risqué, there are a number of other family friendly board games.

AR2 Group Pic

So by now, you and your friends have probably arrived at an all too familiar feeling – hunger.

Axlerad is conveniently adjacent to one of the best pizza places in Houston – Luigi’s Pizza. Luigi’s serves a variety of New York style pizza, gellato, sandwhiches and pastas.

AR14 Pizza


Taste: not Italian authentic, but may pass for New York. The pizza came out piping hot – terrific! The crust had a nice doughy bite. The tomatoe sauce was a bit dissapointing. It tasted similar to a high end can tomatoe sauce. Why not just use more fresh tomatoe slices, instead of making the entire pizza pie saucy?

AR27 Side Pic Noise edited

The Meats


Taste: This pie paired very well with the Hefeweizen (that I am struggling to recall the brewer/name). The Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Hamburger meat stood out. This pizza complements well with whatever beer suits your fancy.

AR13 Ice Cream.jpg

Cons: The only downside to my experience was that I did not leave enough room for the gelato. Houston has unpredictable weather; unfortunately for us, a rain storm passed through. It would be super cool when Axlerad, or anyone for that matter, can control the weather.

Parking fills up quick during peak hours (7-9PM on weekends). And so try to come early before peak hours, and look forward to a good time. It’s safe to say that my dog Hachi and I will be returning to soon.


Axlerad Beer Garden

1517 Alabama St, Houston, TX


Sunday-Thursday: 12PM-12AM

Friday & Saturday: 12PM-2AM

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