On Tinder

By Ganteng Boy

The dating market is not what it used to be. Just as soon as print made its move into the digital world, so too did dating. If Match.com was the grandfather of twenty first century matchmaking, then Tinder is the unruly millennial stepson.

Some thoughts on Tinder…

Firstly, the overall experience with Tinder is enjoyable. The credibility of the app is what I intend to address in this rant.

Caveat Emptor: there is an extraordinary amount of fake users and scammers on the site.

Now of course, I am sure this is a problem that the engineers on the Tinder team are well aware of. But the biggest concern here is that it does not provide value to the users in both free & premium pools.

Let’s say that I was a free user and wanted to check out Tinder. I am a 20-something male, recently entered the workforce, and finding a significant other, let alone a mate, has been challenging since I graduated from college – social skills, physical appearance and humor held constant.

I log onto Tinder and enjoy the novelty that the app has to offer: swipe right on the attractive females, hoping that I would get a return match; and swipe left on matches that might be more suitable for someone else. The experience is as addictive as a puff of cigarette.

There are times when I do get a match, and without any warning, I am bamboozled into this robotic response – attractive girls that invite me to chat on KIK, links to verification websites elsewhere, and worst of all, the fake matches that sound like “hey babe… I’m here for so and so weeks, blah blah blah”.

If I am the type of free user with limited swipes, I will then be saving my swipes for the girls I really hope I can get a match with. And of course, due to the nature of the app, sometimes you get a match, sometimes you don’t. This is understandable since people gauge attractiveness differently.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Image sourced from healthybodygreen.com

On the other end, say I decided to upgrade to a premium user. Now since my swipes are unlimited, I can choose to take on a more laisse-faire approach with finding matches – freedom to swipe without limitations. Assuming that I will be swiping more than a free user, the total number of matches now begin to increase. It was interesting to still find a repeating pattern of fake users that matched with me. I survey my entire list of matches, only to see girls one after another sending me the same message: let’s chat somewhere else because the Tinder chat is “buggy”.

When the matches are overrun by these fake profiles and start to become a common issue, I will be less inclined to check to see my matches either way as a free or premium user. It is like a bad Adele song on repeat.


Tinder, if you are remotely concerned about the conversion rates from free-to-premium users, this is a huge issue. Fake profiles are far too easy to create. And when there is not a way for it to be controlled, your app will quickly loose value and may inadvertently become associated with deceitful profiles flooding the app.

Parting thoughts: Today, I feel like the app has lost a ton of credibility and may start to look towards other dating applications where I may be happy to pay money for a better ‘dating’ experience. Maybe I should just do things the old fashioned way – you know, have your friends or family arrange a date with someone they know who is single?

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