Spring Time Suit Selection

by Ganteng Boy

Spring is in full swing. The trees are budding, flowers are blooming and everyone joins in on the ensemble of colors – both girls and guys. There is an unspoken rule that after Easter, we have the green light to wear all shades of pastel colors. And in Texas, this time of year, blue is the color of choice. Which shade of blue? Well, that’s completely up to you..

PT 3

A Pop of Cyan


Bluebonnets and Babes


With temperatures hovering around 80-85ºF, the key is to select a suit material that is light in fabric, as well as color. Stick to linen and cotton. But of course, if your looking to sweat off the extra pounds, I dare you to wear wool.


A Collection of Well-Dressed Men

Baby blue/light cyan goes well with light grey colored suits. In the picture above, the groomsmen wore a well coordinated ensemble of white button up shirts, light grey suit, light cyan tie and medium brown dress shoes. The white carnation is a wonderful  touch to their overall outfit.



Gents in Bowties

Should you go with ties or bowties? Floral print bowties are trending. What was once cool in the late 70s and early 80s are now back in style. You can find an assortment of different bowties in retailors such as: TheTieBar, Zaras and Nordstrom. For the more unconventional folks, NOLA Couture offers a festive selection of ties, bowties and pocket squares.

EKW Tommy

NOLA Couture Bowtie

Whether it’s your next outdoor wedding, polo event or Sunday mass I challenge you to be bold and wear a pop of color. Do it for the sake of Spring time weather.

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